Monday, November 4, 2013

Giving A Damn

A few days ago I offered a reward for the recovery of my garden cart which was taken from my porch area on the 28th.  I observed this vehicle the next day.  It is the same van that was parked there the day of the theft.  This is one of several vehicles that were parked on our street when the two maple trees were taken down.   As you can see by this photo, this van had access to the ramp which is where I generally park.  I spent the morning filling out a police report, as I believe it was the tree trimmers ( tree murderer's) that took my little yellow garden cart.  In speaking with my neighbor who hired them, I found out she was not happy with their work and will not be recommending them for future jobs.  The owner didn't want to take a check as he had no bank account!  Not only that, but the police woman who took my report couldn't find an address for the company.  As all these stories come together, it is looking more and more like this company is theft in disguise of a legitimate business.  I have no idea whether or not I will get my little wagon back, but I do know that if I did nothing, I would never know for sure whether or not I could have gotten it back.  Without a report, there is no now there is a report.  Because, this van was parked where it was, it made it impossible for any of my neighbors to see the theft.  My maintenance man pointed out, that they probably needed it for their work!  That was what I had thought as well....perfect little cart for men who trim trees.  I doubt whether they scrapped it, so imagine their surprise when the police show up at their place and find my wagon.  There were many oddities that I won't disclose here because we all believe they took it, and I don't want to blow my chances of busting them with the goods.  It is doubtful that they follow this blog, and I have not revealed the name of the company.  Stay tuned dearest readers.  Be glad I did not take matters into my own hands as I almost did.  It is important to follow through with little annoying things like official police reports.  This time I was the victim.  But the next time, it might be one of my neighbors who are the victim.  It is all about giving a damn.  I do give a damn, whether it is me, or whether it is my neighbor.  I can not do anything about the thefts that occurred when I moved from Paul drive.  There were tree trimmers involved in that whole raw deal too.  One of them came to court with Nesley and pretended to be Mark (the maintenance man).  Mark didn't want to come to court as he is probably working much like this local tree company (under the table).  Doug showed up in court because he knew he was in the picture with the two teenagers that busted my kiln.  So Nesley had him pretend to be her main maintenance guy because Mark wanted no part of it!  It is OK though, I got credit for the kiln, the unpaid water bill, the month of May!  Had I not gone or showed up for court, she would have gotten away with all this.  These guys (thieves) must think they are doing something unique.  Hey lets trim trees and scope out peoples properties.  By the time the item is noticed missing, they are onto the next neighborhood.  No one would suspect an "arborist" right?  

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