Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Gratitude List

I must admit that Thanksgiving has taken on a whole new meaning for me upon discovering my own genealogy (Native American links).  Looks to me like a bunch of Europeans arrived here (America) 8 weeks before winter without any provisions like fishing gear, planting tools, hunters, etc.  They must have thought it was going to be a little weekend camping trip to the KOA or something LOL!  Jamestown was a flop resulting in cannibalism and the like.  Plymouth was saved by the graciousness of Indians who apparently took pity on them.  It is a pathetic story as I am learning, and all Americans should be making a gratitude list as all of us are lucky to even be here.  It could have all been very different.
My gratitude list is growing.  I am grateful for the roof over my head in spite of those who tried to take that from me!  I am grateful for my truck, my cat, my friends.  I am grateful for the power of my mind and the work of my two hands.  I am thankful that not everybody wants to take advantage of me, and my work.  I will be happily making some sort of Thanksgiving feast on Thursday in hopes of my friends dropping in to absence of my indifferent family.
Years ago, when I experimented with "therapy", my therapist concluded after 4 years that my family was violent, and dangerous.  So....I can add survival of my dysfunctional family to my gratitude list.

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