Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tool Steel

After heat treating Brian's blade yesterday, I immediately tempered it.  Unfortunately, my camera was not charged up enough to take any pictures of the miraculous process.  Perhaps that was best, as it takes two hands to operate the torch, and two hands to operate the camera.  This picture does not do justice to the brilliant plum coloration and rainbow colors that I painted on with my torch.  Brian's blade turned a magnificent blue which I believe indicates some sort of tool steel.  Even now, after tempering, the type of steel is a mystery.  This blue will disappear when I do the final sharpening and buffing.  It doesn't pay to hurry this process or put the sharp on the blade as I will be handling the blade throughout the handle making part of this process.  After tempering the blade yesterday, I immediately soldered on the brass blade guard.  This marks the halfway through point.  The next part of this process will be the woodworking of the handle and measuring for and drilling the rivet holes.  Hopefully, by Friday, I will have it carved out and shaped.  I admit, I miss the library on these days, but I need to keep up my momentum as this needs to be finished by Christmas.

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