Monday, November 25, 2013

The Hard Part Is Over

Now that I have the blade guard soldered to the blade, I can take precise measurements for the wooden handle.  The vanishing knife making books that I used to have access to, suggest making a cardboard template first.  I am waiting on some 3mm polishing disks in the mail.  I am hoping my friend Piper shows up for Thanksgiving, so I may have to delay some of the more exciting parts of this project as Thanksgiving requires almost a supernatural multi-tasking two day stint.  I am not altogether sure I am up for all that.  My Grandmothers used to put on the ultimate Thanksgiving spread.  Nothing I can come up with would even compare.  I am thinking about baking a pizza and just let everyone with families gorge.  I will have gratutude, no matter what the menu that day.
I have an art deadline coming up on me pretty fast.  I hope to get that in the works ASAP.

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