Friday, November 22, 2013

Turkey At The Food Pantry

I am taking my friend to the food pantry on Friday 12-2pm.  So, my blag will be late or non-existent that day.   I think, I will get some Thanksgiving fixings while I am there, just in case my friend Piper comes to visit.  Otherwise, I will just be taking the day off, and probably watching DVD's.  Or, I just may use the day to start, and finish other projects.  I don't have any family obligations, so I won't be trying to join in the Black Friday hb bub.  There are advantages to having a family that is indifferent.  This food pantry that I am going to gives single people turkey, which has not been the case for years.  Syd and I don't care whether it is turkey or chicken.  We are grateful for either, and sometimes both.  Please consider donating to your local food pantry dear readers.  Those of us have nots, rely on your generous donations this time of year.   

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