Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gas Prices Rising

I have a friend who works as an attendant at the local Certified gas station.  She told me gas was going up significantly (40cents) by 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon.  So of course I put the gas it will take for my Columbus Trip on Thursday.  I am not sure that $4 a gallon is sustainable.  I will be doing lots more walking in the next few weeks.  Thank goodness everything except the laundromat is walking distance from my house.  I have hook ups, so it just might be time for me to try and get a washing machine to save on gas to get to Jeff's Laundromat.  My driving significantly decreases as gas prices go up.  I have not seen that in my fellow consumers.  James Howard Kunstler writes that $5 gas will put the trucking business to a halt.  I would guess that it will effect virtually everything from the price of milk, to whether or not someone can afford a pair of shoes.  I drove about 1/2 as much as I normally do in February.  I have to make at least 2 trips to Columbus the first week of March.  I will need to make that gas loss up somehow.  As my friend Denny says "walkin aint crowded".

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