Monday, February 18, 2013

Finally Got It Right

I finally got the right letters for my recycle sign and am going to nail them down in the next few days, as I begin preparing for my upcoming trial on the 28th.  Our drum gig in Granville went well.  I didn't spot anyone from The First Baptist Cult.  I realize that the folks that harmed me 11 years ago, are probably dead already or so old that they can't harm me or my family.  I say good riddance to them, may they trip on the labyrinth and break a hip!  They can have it, and they can create as many false history's about it as they want.  I won't be so eager to volunteer in the future...they can find some other chump, or they can just buckle down and do the work themselves.  I figure I have volunteered enough years of my life now,  it is time for me to sit back and watch someone else "volunteer" for a change.  I will be back dearest readership, when I have something significant to report.

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