Friday, February 1, 2013

People Of The Lie

I have been re-reading M. Scott Peck's book People Of The Lie this week.  Weird thing is, because I read right before I go to sleep, my dreams seem to be trying to work out a greater puzzle in relation to evil backwards and forwards.  I can almost put darn near everything that has ever happened to me into the context of this book.  Evil does not want to self-examine.  Self examination to an evil person is akin to suicide.  Unfortunately, those evil ones will not ever see the analysts couch...therefore their evil goes largely unchallenged.  I have always known this, but it helps to understand the various betrayals I have endured over the year from my lover, friend, to my sister.  And when I think about it deeply as I have had to do, all three of these women are up to evil, and would do anything not to have to look at the point of attempting to set me up, get me arrested, put away, made homeless.  Peck recommends a psychology of evil, so that it can be studied.  Good luck with that.  Exposing the darkness of evil to the light is really the only tool in the toolbox so far.  My Buddhist friend says that my evil enemy's were attracted to my light, but that they can't handle the light.  I think of my rinky dink small court claim coming up at the end of the month.  Small claims court is limited in that a person can only sue for money.  This may be the last chance I get to expose Nesley to the light, so I am going to take be damned, kiln be damned.  If I can't expose her for her pedophilia, at least I can get the court to inspect her other doings.  My sister is probably busy self destructing, as I recall she was carrying a bucket of shit the last time I saw her...muttering something about bees.  Her karma will be great.  All I have to do is stay out of the way on that one.  And Lori,  there must be a way out for Lori.  She isn't so far gone that she could change.  It is our greatest power as humans, our capacity for change.  I am banking on that.  Peck gives his readership a hint.  Two feelings in the face of an evil one...confusion and repulsion.  I can safely remember those two feelings about Nesley, and about what my sister did to me last February...and then again her attempt in April.  Foiled again evil ones, your day is coming.  Your Karma is before you.  I highly recommend this book.  It is as timeless as evil itself.  And the thing is, there is no psychology of evil as of yet, so until then, we are on our own to battle it in ourselves and to weed it out in the world.  Don't wait for them to get caught.  By the time they get caught, they will have chocked the life out of living growing beings.  I will never give up on my sister.  I will never give up on Lori.  But come the 28th, I am in the mood to do some weeding in the goddesses garden.

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