Saturday, February 9, 2013

Scarlet And Gray Feather

I am still playing around with my camera and photographing my metal work.  Somehow, I need to get rid of this glare from the textbook picture behind the feather.  It is a library book on Indian weaving and rugs.  I know it would be perfect for some of my Indian Jewelry and I know I can not afford a professional photographer....and I know I need slides for future grants.  This is a feather for my friend Tom who loves Ohio State (scarlet and gray).  He cut the back board for my metal quilt, and I told him at the time, I would make him a feather.  It took me hours yesterday to find 3 beads that would work for the gray.  They are not perfect, but I think rather than wait till I get to a bead shop, the metallic gray will work.  Thank you Tom, for helping me finish my metal quilt.  I will see you soon!

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