Monday, February 11, 2013

Capitalistic Lies

I am beginning to collect items for my next art project.  The theme that is emerging right now, is the lies in the art that are on our everyday purchases.  The Styrofoam egg graphic on the egg carton that I look at every morning.  The egg farms in this county do not look like the happy little farm picture here, but instead look like warehouses...a place of little light, much suffering and death.  They don't want us to know that of course, so they slap a graphic of a pretty little farm for us to internalize.....nothing to see here, move along now with your purchases to the cash register!  I am beginning to realize that Capitalism is truly evil...not communism as I was brought up to believe as evil.  Somehow, our free enterprise system does not include nature, or wildlife....but rather profit by exploitation.  I am blogging this on Friday in anticipation that I won't be back here till Monday as I am conserving gas for my upcoming drum gig in Granville.  Keep your eyes open dear readership for the lies in advertising.  They are subtle sometimes.

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