Friday, February 22, 2013

Syd Shifts

I found my cat Syd this morning looking out the window in the studio.  He has had a tough winter and lost some of his hair.  He is still so fractured from all the moving last year, and does not go outside very much.  It doesn't stop him from looking outside though.  He hasn't been in the studio, and on the bench in months.  I had to clear him off a spot, so that I won't lose projects and tools.  Cats shift their favorite spots around from time to time, so I am not too worried that this will be a permanent perch.  He has been sleeping soundly with me every night and so I was a little worried when I couldn't find him this morning.  I am blogging this a few days out, as I anticipate staying home to conserve gasoline for my two trips to Columbus next week.  I hope some of you are planning on attending my upcoming art show featuring the Quilt Of Elizabeth Brim.  I will try to post something March 1st to remind everyone.  The show will be up for awhile, and that is the only day I will be there (March 2nd) for the opening.  I sure hope Syd picks a new spot soon so that I can work safely with my lie catcher (barbed wire hoop).  He has little regard for my projects, or where they might land after he bats them off!

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