Monday, June 27, 2011


I got a full weatherization grant last winter based on my low income status and on a chart like this. January is obviously the hardest on the furnace. The workman told me last fall that my furnace was 60% efficient. My gas bill for January was higher than my rent. This cute little house is an energy suck. The electric bill was just as high as the old furnace ran constantly. The weatherization grant would most likely cover the cost of a new furnace and insulation for the walls and a more efficient water heater possibly even central air. But I am not going to put my weatherization grant toward a property that I am not going to be living in. For those of you who have been following my predicament, please understand that it is not sustainable to live in a place that looks cosmetically nice, but has huge holes in the roof, water damage around the foundation and virtually no insulation. These were concerns I had last summer prior to moving in here. Promises were made, the job was rushed and I had trouble meeting my financial obligations. 87% of my income went to rent and utilities. I had no car insurance. I had no money to repair the car. It was a very scary winter for me. If I did not sell my feathers, I would not have been able to keep my lights on! 7 months of the year, this place is sustainable. My landlord is turning her back on my weatherization grant. A grant that could increase the value of the house. I am sure you realize it is a personal vendetta and not her just wanting to sell the house. She is not going to like paying those winter heating bills next winter while the house sits empty. Then again maybe an unsuspecting buyer will buy it, and weatherize. It would be sustainable to live here then.

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