Saturday, June 25, 2011

Further On Up The Road

My landlord sent her workman Thursday to move the kiln away from the house as it was blocking the water meter. I presume that the water company called her. I had not gotten around to calling them about it being blocked since I don't pay the water bill. They set up a barricade around the freshly dug dirt where the new drain was installed. As you can see from this angle it is going to be next to impossible to remove my workshop as the kiln is now more in the way than it was before. A case could be made that they are trying to prevent me from leaving. I imagine my landlords stubbornness and hostility will shine through any sort of deception she undoubtedly is planning for our upcoming court appearance. My original plan was to move the workshop first. But with all the obstacles being erected, I may have to postpone moving the workshop till last. The kiln now belongs to her, so I don't feel comfortable moving it, even to get it out of my way. Perhaps the ground will be harder by August 1st and I can remove the barriers they erected on Thursday. Pity, I had help lined up for the week after Comfest. I have things that need to be moved that are wider and longer than the opening between the kiln and the new barricade. I have things that will need to come strait out of the doorway and then turned at an angle. I guess I was just in too much of a hurry to get out of here. Maybe this matter is going to have to go in front of a judge after all. I think a judge could clearly see that they have blocked my exit and are delaying my move. Perhaps the move will be delayed till we can settle the matter of the kiln in court.

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Gail said...

Take the rain barrels with you! Who filed suit against whom? I assume it's over the kiln. How are you going to move? Do you have help? I've been watching the news reports about the OSU area and the crime rate. Find something safe.