Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Feather On eBay

I lost my bank account in 2005 returning from animal rescue after Hurricane Katrina. Not long after that eBay made some serious changes in their seller polices and I did not agree with them so I quit selling. Lori and I shared a bank account up until last year when I moved out. Last week I got squared away started a new bank account and reestablished my paypal account. Today I finally got to list one of my feathers on eBay. In addition to that, I now can use AdSense and make a little money on my daily blogs. Hopefully folks will click on the ads so I can get paid. I am happy to report that so far the ads seem to go with the content of my blog posts. I am not sure I would be able to do it otherwise. Of course I can't click on my own ads, so I am going to have to rely on my readership to report to me what happens when one does. Let me know. And do check out my eBay auctions. My username is skymetalsmith.

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