Thursday, June 23, 2011

Community Festival 2011

Comfest is this weekend. It starts Friday with an opening drum circle. I am not sure that I am going to attend this year, but it is my favorite Columbus summer festival. Columbus Community Drummers are playing on Saturday. My partner always helped me get my big drum into the park. Without her help, I don't want to try and tackle the task. I will miss drumming at the opening drum circle, and I will miss performing at the Live Arts Stage with the drummers. My friend Steve B will be performing on Sunday morning at 11:00 at the Solar Stage. I recommend my readers go see Steve. I used to play guitar with Steve back before he became famous. It is three days of fun, laughter, and music. Maybe I will be more settled by next year and can return to my beloved festival. This summer my plans have all been changed for me by the veiled threats from my landlord. If you go to Comfest this year, please go see Wahru and the drummers at 7:40pm at the Live Arts Stage.

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