Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Petro Annie's

On Weber Road in between Silver Street and Indianola Avenue is Petro Annie's; a sort of museum dedicated to petroleum, the automobile, and car culture. When I was moving to my present home in Linden, I passed Petro Annie's a couple times a day. I didn't have time to stop last summer. But this spring I pass Petro Annie's on my way to or from my garden plot. So today the open sign was on and I stopped in to see what was in there. I met Norm the owner and we had quite a talk about his collection and of course the price of gas. I began writing some content for Yahoo news today and thought Petro Annie's would be a great place to send people who have little money to spend on entertainment. There are many of us doing staycations this year. Petro Annie's is open Tuesday through Sunday 12-4. The space has an art deco 50's diner feel to it. There is lots to see in Norms collection. Stop in an see him. Tell him Concha Castaneda sent you. My Yahoo article has probably not been approved yet. I only wrote it on June 14. I tried to research it on the computer last summer. I could only find one review on the internet. That review didn't even have a picture. This place deserves some recognition for the display, the cleanliness, and the wit of the owner. In the meantime, I am officially writing for hire. Something I have wanted to do for a long time.

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