Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here are 3 new silver feathers that I put together this weekend. I made them at the precise time of drum performances just to remind myself that I have a sacred hobby that feels as satisfying as performing. I made money this weekend rather than spend it. It will feel good to not be out of money the last few days of the month for a change. These feathers have turquoise, silver, cobalt and black seed beads that were recently donated by a friend. The feather projects have kept me financially afloat all winter. What a blessing! I have one for sale on eBay and Etsy at the moment. And I used some of the money to purchase new business cards. My high school reunion is coming up and I anticipate that some of my classmates may want a feather or two. I can't possibly anticipate the number of feathers I should bring with me, or the kind of beads folks might want; so business cards may insure a later sale. Hopefully when I move my workshop, I can set it up so that I don't have to miss any orders and can try to make some extra ones for the October reunion. I try to put a business card in with the feathers like these pictured, as folks may order more when they receive them as gifts. They make excellent gifts for all occasions. The woman who bought these is coming by tomorrow afternoon to visit my shop. She may see the other projects I have lined up on the bench and order something more. I want to keep the momentum going.

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Gail said...

I did not go to Comfest. I had such a busy day, I came home and slept on the couch.
How much do you sell your feathers for? Do you make small ones like 1-1-1/2 inches long?
When you get ready to move, let me know. I have a truck, but I need to check my calendar of events.