Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Simple Solutions

It was over 95 degrees in my little house today (May 31). They issued an air quality alert. I have chest pains when there are air quality alerts, so I take this as a serious threat and am prepared to go to the library to cool down on days like today, when I have the gas to drive there. Even though the landlord promised central air last year, I don't guess it will get here this early in the spring...if at all. I have breathing problems as a result of smoking for 39 years, so I had to do something to try to beat some of the heat. I took a cold shower to cool down long enough to think strait. When I get too hot, my thoughts get fuzzy. The green blind from another property fits perfectly over my west window. It was as simple as driving a couple nails and hanging it. That is something that worked over on Deming Avenue. My partner worked in an air conditioned furniture store, so it wasn't ever an issue for her. The local food pantry at the time, tried to give me a free air conditioner, but I could not afford the hike in the electricity bill so I turned them down on their offer. I am glad I did, as I don't believe I would be eligible again this soon. It is very likely that I am eligible for a free air conditioner or fan from Healthcare Alliance this time around because of my breathing problems. I am still waiting for the weatherization people to show up and assess what needs to be done to make the house more energy efficient. They are due this spring or summer sometime. In the meantime I need to go see my doc about my breathing problems and see if he can get the bureaucratic process of an air conditioner started. This will require a simple form filled out by him and then another long day in a waiting room with other folks that might have worse problems than I. But maybe the waiting room will be cooler than trying to stay cool in here. The blind looks pretty good on the window. I would hate to think how hot it would have gotten in here today without it. Tomorrow (June 1) is supposed to be cooler.

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