Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fruit Salad

Yesterday I had a realization. It has been two weeks since I have eaten any meat! That is quite a feat in that I wasn't trying for that. Lately, I have been craving fruits and vegetables . Maybe it has to do with the heat wave we just experienced here in Ohio. When temperatures rise above 90 degrees, who wants to fire up the stove or grill? This spring I have been experiencing a surge of good health as I go off my medications. I don't want to become dependent on medication, in that I believe when the grid goes down, I won't be able to get my Lyrica or maybe not even Advil. I know that we can get almost everything our body needs from food. Now that big agriculture is pumping our meat with steroids and antibiotics, meat is not as attractive as it once was. But I always thought it would be a tough transition for me to give up meat altogether. My vegetarian friends are far from healthy. In fact they miss more work than any of their meat eating coworkers. Their skin in pasty like an anemic. They are always cancelling our activities because of one ailment or another, which is annoying if I have made special arrangements to feed them something that is palatable to them. Recently I read Lier Keith's book The Vegitarian Myth and the scales have fallen from my eyes! I wonder how long I can keep this up? Maybe I can use meat in the future as an energy booster. Could I get away with eating it only once or twice a week? Now that I am not dependent on red meat as a daily requirement, I may actually be healthier eating less of it! I know one thing. I make a killer fruit salad!

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