Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heavy Vintage Kiln

My landlord dropped off this old vintage Amoco kiln on June 4th. She has had it in her garage for over two years and suddenly decided that rather than pay for it, she would have her workmen drop it off in the middle of my sidewalk. The kiln is damaged and will probably never work again. It was a cleaver move except they covered up the city water meter making it impossible to read and damaging the cover. I have had ongoing water leakage in the basement and my studio is in jeopardy each time it rains.


Gail said...

The kiln doesn't work? Why did she give it to you then? What did you mean by "not paying for it?" Can you sell it for scrap metal? That would be worth something.

skymetalsmith said...

She owed me money. She didn't do anything that she promised (a dry basement), and she was being pissy with me about all of it, as she is good friends with my x. So I sent her a receipt for 1/2 the kiln to be put towards June Rent. So without negotiation or a 24 hour notice she had her workmen "drop off" the kiln. They busted it of course as they didn't use a dolly or anything.