Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stubby's Progress

Many of you have asked about Stubby the cat. Stubby is healing rapidly from his surgery and ailments. Stubby is a sort of guardian of this property and I confess I am gonna miss him when I move. He greets me each time I return from an errand no matter how long or brief I am gone. He does his best to try to keep cats that do not belong here off the property. Even though I was going to purchase flea medication (Frontline) this month, I am holding off as I have not seen even one flea on him or any of the other cats. My neighbor feeds the cats a oatmeal tuna combo and I am thinking a spoonful of brewers yeast might be in the mix. At any rate, they all seem happy and healthy. I do have a Stubby the cat donate button on my blog. But right now we have everything we need.

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