Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Art Lesson


Today, I am going to do a demo on repainting my corn plants for Three Sisters In The Pale Moonlight.  The kids will be working with clay, and before they begin, they will watch me mix paint, select the right brush, and then apply the paint to the canvas.  This requires an attention span of about 10 minutes.  This could be a challenge for my little group if only they were anxious to get started on their own project for today...which I don't blame them.  But, if I waited till they were painting, they would feel the same and still not pay enough attention to absorb all that I am intending to show them.  I grew 4 stalks of corn this spring in hopes it would grow into a live plant model for the painting,while I was waiting for funding for the basic necessities to complete this painting.  It was Hookers green that stopped this painting, and through a Hobby Lobby gift card (in kind donation) I was able to get the tube of green that I will be using today.

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