Monday, August 18, 2014

Rheumatology Visit In Columbus Monday

After years of getting the run around from my local doctors, I have finally gotten a doctor that is actually helping me with my pain issues.  My Grandmother has RA, and my mother had it.  I suspect my sisters have it by now.  It is not unknown in our medical history.  There really is no good reason for me to have been in the kind of pain I have experienced with all that is available in modern science.  My summer students have been busy learning to draw and paint this summer.  This week we did a still life.  Even something a simple as setting up this arrangement is a painful lengthy process involving two high steps and lifting heavy objects.  I am looking forward after all these years to finally see an RA specialist, and hopefully it will change my life as I become more mobile.  In case anyone would ever question why I do not use Licking Memorial Hospital system it is because since age 48 I have been trying to get doctors to address my pain to no avail.  I leave believing they are glad that I am in pain.  As long as I live, I will try to direct my friends and acquaintances to other hospitals. I don't go to dry wells looking for water, and I don't direct people to dry wells.  In the instance of Licking is a poison well as well!  How different my life could have been all these years.  I blame the local hospital for most of the municipal problems in our county as well.  The court system, probation services, police department are all linked into Licking Memorial Hospital.  This system will force Licking memorial onto anyone unfortunate enough to fall into a legal snare.  One of these days, I will pack up and leave this god forsaken hell hole and totally out of their reach.  Destination, Columbus of art, music, and peace of mind.

Syd poses for Still Life Of A Cat:)

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