Sunday, August 17, 2014

Katie Belle Gives Me A Holler!

After years of trying to track (unsuccessfully) Katie Belle and The Belle Rangers through high tech computer searches, she contacted me.  Thank you Katie for the lovely CDs and post card.  I won't forget it, and I hope if you are near Ohio you will give me a holler so I can come find your concert.  I really loved Katies two cuts on the soundtrack for the movie Niagara Niagara, and didn't see the movie for years, and when I saw the movie finally, was impressed all over again.  St. Mary's Hotel is the CD that I am listening to as a write this blog.  It is a bit ironic that while in transit, I have been watching 3 seasons of Deadwood which is similar to her CD design with the western outfits, and sepia toned photography.  Readership, I highly recommend this music, and please check out their website for pictures of the band, and discology.  I hope to meet Katie and the band one of these days, and I will be sending her a prize for being so good to me.  What a I looked on the back of the postcard and it says Music for all occasions...Weddings thru Divorces!  Now that is some dark humor....I love the idea of having a band at a divorce fact most of the music I do would be appropriate for that:)

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