Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Hat Band Of Billy Jack

In 1974 I saw a movie at the Midland theater called Billy Jack, and later the sequel Trial Of Billy Jack.  These movies were inspirational, and featured the song One Tin Soldier.  Recently, I acquired a bead loom that was already threaded and a pattern started.  I recognized the pattern as the bead work on Billy Jacks  beaded black hat and hat band.  I look forward to my upcoming bead trade event at the library, and perhaps finishing the hat band as a demo.  These hat bands are quite pricey.  People will pay up to $400 for a replica of Billy's hat band.  I found a Billy Jack movie on YouTube....so I sang along with One Tin Soldier and was heartsick when I learned that the actor who played Billy, directed, and produced the movies died in 2013.  RIP Tom Laughlin.  You will be missed.

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