Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gift Of Feathers

On Monday I received a bag of feathers that had belonged to my friend Tim Stevens.  I am happy to share them with folks who may want them.  They may be pheasant feathers....some with points, others with just stripes.  I tried to look them up online as they resemble hawk feathers.  These feathers could also be painted replicas.  We have no way of knowing as Tim is probably in the great hunting ground and no longer in this world.  I am watching the Deadwood series which portrays the American Indian as a dirt worshiper and reduced to less than human in the series.  I had no idea that Deadwood was an illegal mining camp.  I am not surprised though, as the lawlessness of the white man has largely been ignored in terms of revisionist history of the United States.  I highly recommend Deadwood, if for no reason to contemplate the power of gold then and now.
The drawing by Black Crow is a nice still life and I hope Black Crow is well.

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