Friday, August 29, 2014

Seeing Is Believing

It may well be that believing is seeing, rather than the original saying.  Because of my visual impairment (missing left eye), I am constantly readjusting to the fact that I have a disadvantage to folks with binocular vision.  You would think that my insurance coverage would want me to have the very best glasses that money can buy...but you would be wrong!  My insurance is Molina, who will not pay for a no line bifocal even though my Opthamologist specifies that I need this to better my chances in a world that is becoming faster, and people who are distracted by technological gizmos.  In short, two eyed people who do not have to give driving their full attention, are the greatest threat to visually impaired people who can drive, but have to be more vigilant because of these distractions.  
I take driving seriously enough that I won't use the Molina insurance plan to get a pair of glasses.  In fact I wait until I can afford to replace my glasses with top shelf glasses.  This time around, I went without new glasses since 2010, even though that was two prescriptions ago!
Thanks to a buddy of mine, I was able to replace my old glasses with a no line bifocal that also included a magic clip to protect me from sun and snow glare, which is also something my ophthalmologist is very concerned about.  It took over a month to get this all lined up, but last Thursday I got the call that my glasses were ready, and I have had a week of visual bliss.  I had to believe there was a way to fund these glasses before jumping through all the hoops to get them.  I see better.  That makes all of us safer on the road.  This coming month I will be going to the dermatologist in Columbus, as the dermatology in Newark is limited, and has been ineffective in helping me with my skin contusions.  When flea season came upon my household, I accidentally got the flea medication (poison) on my face and suffered chemical burns.  Most folks would have went to the emergency room.  I wasn't going to use Licking Memorial hospital as I knew I would be routed to the local dermatologist (there is only one in our whole city), that has not been helpful in the past.  I suffered, and got an appointment in Columbus for September.  When I go in for that appointment, I will be stopping by my Ophthalmologist and have them check my new glasses for error.  My experience in the past is that errors are made, but it could be a year before they are discovered.  A year of the wrong prescription is dangerous.  It will only take a few minutes for the glasses to be checked, and it is on my way to or from my other appointment.  My sight is important to me.  It is a miracle that my retina blastoma has not went to my other eye.  The last time I funded a new pair of glasses, I used insurance money from a car accident.  The car didn't get fixed, but I was able to get the glasses that I had up to this point with that money.  It is a sad commentary on the insurance companies that President Obama has given more power to, instead of making them comply with physicians like my Ophthalmologist.  I voted for him, and I was very disappointed that he didn't punish the banksters in the 2008 housing crash.  He empowered them, and now has empowered the insurance giants.  I hope in the time he has left he will do something about the corrupt system that is governing us.  They are already corrupt.  And we know that power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts.

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