Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Glasses In The Works

I have needed new glasses for years.  My insurance will not pay for a no line bi focal or prescription sunglasses.  So, I don't replace my glasses very often.  I carry the prescription with me in case of sudden miraculous fortune.  The last time I had a new pair of glasses, was the result of a woman hitting my truck and me using the insurance payment to get a pair of no line bi-locals.  In that case misfourtune flipped around in my favor.  That year, the insurance for the truck accident was not enough to cover a pair of prescription sunglasses as well.  I bought my first and only pair of prescription sunglasses as a result of my mothers death and inheritance money.  I still use those, even though they are so old they don't correct even my stigmatism.  They are better than nothing, and they allow me to keep my truck on the road in snowy glare, or bright sunshine.  The macular degeneration in my eye is of concern to my eye doctor.  You would think what a doctor knows and believes would somehow over ride what insurance would pay for a disabled woman, but it doesn't.  Two years ago I found a grant link for disabled people and found a woman who worked for Marc Guthries office who was blind herself and claimed she thought their office might be able to help me get a pair of glasses.  I have the old emails from that "blind lead".  She was going to come to my show at the library and try to feel the metal quilt.  That didn't happen, and she never contacted me again after not showing up.  You would think society would want a one eyed woman who has a drivers license to have the best possible chance at seeing while driving with the masses.  It just isn't so though.  Until ones own loved ones are killed in car accidents, people don't get it.
I found a pair of glasses the other day that has a magnetic clip.  This is going to make my eye sight top notch, with no need for prescription sun glasses:)  It is a miracle, and I can't say much more about it as I don't want my friends generosity to be hi jacked by some two eyed Jack or Jill that would try to take advantage.  Yes readership, my enemies are vast....thieves pedophiles, cheaters don't like me much.  Reason being, I warn others about them.  I don't keep their secrets.  In the case of pedophiles....we'll you just don't even want to know my solution to all that.  It would put me on one of those lists that the government keeps that wouldnt help me get my insurance upgraded, or be able.  I need to be able....period.  My disability is my poverty in my way of thinking.  When I can get hold of the tools and equipment or supplies I need, I do much more than the non disabled people do.  Thank you to everyone everywhere that has put the tools, equipment, or supplies in my hands.  And....I will be seeing you:)

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