Friday, August 30, 2013

My Great Grandfather Was A Blacksmith

My Great Grandfather Alan Robinson was a blacksmith in addition to being a farmer.  My living grandmother remembers her mother, or her grandmother calling him from the fields by hammering a spoon on his anvil!  She told me that story about him.  These are two shoes I found in his workshop, that became her fathers workshop, then my fathers workshop as the house stayed in the family.  My logo is constructed and inspired by this image I merged....his two shoes, my two crescents.
I do not have the genealogy of his linage after him, nor do I have the correct spelling of his name....I suspect.  I could not find his stone in the Robinson Cemetary.  But grandma says, "he is buried there" so I would guess he was one of the unreadable stones I saw the day I visited.

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