Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In My Absence

In my absence on Tuesday, you can be sure I am going to work on something, and try to finish something.  Everything I go to do, I am out of something crucial to do it...like fire.....like glue!  I hope those bitches that ripped me off are doing without crucial things too, and I hope they think of me as they are doing without.  Lord make it be so!

 Here is a lego I cast about 10 years ago.  It fits a real lego perfectly, and will make a very neat ring or something a lego lover will want.  It looks like a good candidate for Etsy or Ebay if I can get it in photo form!  I do not have a good picture of it... most everything I have made....that is the case.  Back to the drawing board....without good pictures, there will be no grants...that I can be sure of.

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