Monday, August 5, 2013

Hell Ain't Got No Telephone Booths

I have been noticing how many damaged and unusable phone booths there are around town.   I use public phones all the time, and am on the hunt for where they all are located. 
I am trying to get the hang of my new camera.  It looks like there is a setting for only black and white, and that somehow, this picture was taken on that setting.  This was not intentional, but I can see how it might come in use in the future.  Personally, I hate to see the vanishing public phone booth.  Cell phones have mostly made these obsolete.  It would take only a short power outage of a  few days to render most folks phones powerless....the other folks who have car chargers would need to run out of gas and battery power to feel that pain.  It may happen sooner than you think as our economy is more fragile than we know, and dependant on cheep energy.  When it costs a dollar to mine a dollars worth of energy, they will leave it in the ground.
  At least this phone in the picture can double as a cup holder, most of the new ones do not have a level surface which can be maddening if you need to set something down, to look for something in a purse....or write something.  I know I hate the new style plastic curved phone booths.  My friend Sukie from South Bend wrote a song called Hell Ain't Got No Telephone Booths which I have recorded and even added a verse to.  I wonder what Sukie makes of the new phone booths:)

  I am still preparing for my artist reception tomorrow, and I will be on the fly.  The Accessible Expressions Ohio Exhibit and tour that includes my metal quilt "The Quilt Of Elizabeth Brim"  Please attend if you can.  Tuesday August 6th, at 6pm room B at the Licking County Public Library.  I have tried in a short amount of time to contact everyone I know who might want to attend.  Feel free to bring a new friend for me to meet.  The more the merrier!  I will post a pre blog today, in case I get caught up in a whirlwind last minute things to do.

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