Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Busy, Busy, Girl!

Thank the Goddess for Jan my neighbor, who provided me with the glue this morning to glue and clamp the knife sheath.  Thank the Powers That Be for my maintenance man who scrounged up a whole bottle of propane.  I learned on a plumbers torch.  It is like going from a Cadillac to a K car...but I can do it!

I soldered a copper ring, and twisted on this bear fetish.  I am getting by on repair jobs as I wait on my big knife commission.  In the meantime, there is rumor in the wind that there is a woodcarvers meeting half my kitchen is set up for knife making, and woodworking at the present.  The next knife up on the bench will be tomorrows blog.  Stay tuned dear readers....I am just getting warmed up!

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