Sunday, August 25, 2013

Library Open On Sundays.....Soon I hope.

I had to bring up my great grandfathers old pipe anvil this week to work on all the knife projects in the wings.  This pipe anvil was always a fixture in my fathers woodshop.  He used it for everything.  When my mother died and the house was on the market, I got a few of the tools and tool boxes from the shop.  I found out by talking with my grandmother (still living) that this pipe anvil was her fathers pipe anvil.  He worked for Pure Oil company.  My grandmothers grandfather (Alan Robison) was a blacksmith, as well as a farmer....apparantly multitasking isn't such a new thing after all.  These horseshoes were from his shop.  I have a project in mind for these, and I may get to that project on Sunday when this library is closed.  It will be open on Sunday's soon as school is starting back up.  Wow....that summer breezed before I could really appreciate it!  Time fly's when it is not draggin, I say!

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