Friday, July 27, 2012

Ten Quilt Squares

My bow tie metal quilt replica is well underway.  I had 10 completed squares late Tuesday afternoon and this is what it looks like as of today.  Yesterday, my friend from Ypsilanti and I, hit 4 thrift stores in Columbus and collected tins with the colors yellow, pink, blue, olive and a cake pan that has an interesting pattern that is a silver color.  Today, we hit 2 more stores and collected a nice tin that is a forest green with tiny tulips that will make a lovely bow tie in the near future.  In the next couple weeks I predict the quilt will double in size and be half completed.  I still need a deep purple and a brown...and possibly a grey square to represent each of the eight rainbow colors plus black, white, grey, and brown.  So far I have not had to duplicate any one color or pattern.  This project is almost too much fun, and I have lots of helpers to spot more metal samples in my behalf.  My actual birthday is Sunday and I suspect I may not get back to the quilt project till Tuesday,  Stay tuned dear reader, no tellin what may happen next.

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