Friday, July 13, 2012

Birthday Lunch

I got to visit with two of my friends from Washington Courthouse yesterday.  They surprised me and took me out to lunch at the Olive Garden.  I can't remember the last time I have ate out...maybe as long as two years ago!  So today after I get home from the library I can have a nice little leftover snack from my meal yesterday.  I didn't celebrate my birthday last year as my impending eviction was before me and having to take Lori to court for the telephone bill ahead of me.  There was just not much to celebrate and the day passed like all the others.  I got one birthday card in the mail from my friend Eve last year.  If she had not sent me that I might have forgotten about it altogether.  How different life is with nice people surrounding me.  I feel like I have been in darkness for a very long time and the light is almost blinding.  I guess I never really knew how oppressive the Paul Drive house was.  I know I got robbed there my very first night (lawn gnome) and that I was always wary of thieves.  I am still finding stuff missing that was taken off my truck last October.  It feels just wonderful to not live with a hoarder, and not renting from a dark wicked pretend friend.  My new landlord is full of life and song.  I should have invited her over to meet my friends yesterday, but I was selfish with my time, and maybe next time they come I will invite her over to meet them.  Life is starting to get better for me the further I get away from  evil people.  I am still hoping to have another shot at Nesley in court and expose her for the scumlord she is.  But if it turns out that I don't get that shot, I have complete faith that the universe will take care of her without my help.

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