Saturday, July 14, 2012

Syd Has Spoken

Last month I made the mistake of buying a brand of cat food that was 30 cents cheaper than Syds favorite cat food.  He just will not eat the other food and I have had to use my food stamps to buy tuna since then as there was no money to correct my error.  So today I used part of my birthday gift card to buy him his favorite cat chow Purina.  Thank you Aunt Sue.  I did put the rest of the gift card into my gas tank.  Syd will be happy and I will be able to get around for a few more miles.  And I hope you will visit me again soon and bring Uncle Gerald along!  Syd says thanks even though it is not his birthday!  Due to my mistake in his regular diet, I have found out he likes peanut butter and strawberry shortcake.  He is such a strange cat, and I have promised him not to try to short change him ever again.

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