Thursday, July 19, 2012

I See Dead Things

I have been watching a 2 ounce bag of porcupine quills on eBay to use in my beading projects.  I used to have some but gave them to my sister and I have no hope she would ever give them back to me.  There are so many projects that can be done with these, and when I had them I didn't have the knowledge I have now.  There have been many things I let go over the years because I thought other people might use them quicker than I would, or that if I didn't re-gift them I would lose them to some property or other where my belongings were not secure...and even being retained somewhere long enough that stuff would be stolen.  It is hard to know the future, and I confess to operate without knowing it.  I don't believe the porcupine has to die in order to get this beautiful byproduct unlike ivory or bear I am looking forward to replenishing my supply and getting started on the designs I have in my head.  I gave up scrimshaw because I love living whales, elephants, and rhinos.  I was very good at scrimshaw but could not live with the knowledge of the death and exploitation.  I am glad I am not the collector and peddler of porcupine quills as I believe they must be badgered in order for them to propel them LOL.  For $11 I can purchase two ounces of them and no one gets hurt.

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