Friday, July 20, 2012

Recycle Sign

As I am finishing up some of my bow ties for the metal quilt remnant, I have metal material left over.  I am using all recycled materials to construct a recycle sign to hang above my recycling spot.  The board is recycled as well as all the letters and the letter templates.  On the back I will use pop tabs to hang the sign.  Not bad for a side project!  I am hoping to have this finished by Monday in time to post, as well as 6 plus quilt squares.  I have had a productive patch of time this week as I wait for my Internet and TV to be delivered.  My actual birthday is next Sunday and I just may do something out of the ordinary...or not!  I am staying flexible these days as I don't know what come what may these days.  I live in interesting times as the Buddhist's say.

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