Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beading Tool

I got a wonderful new tool (gift) in the mail last week.  I had been stringing beads without these tools for quite sometime.  These items had been on my watch list for years and I have been trying to obtain them but never could quite justify the expense as there are always other things that need to take priority.  This tool is a bead crimping tool and the package of crimp beads to go with it (Thanks Louise:)).  I am tempted to take all my beaded necklaces apart and re-string them using this new tool and method which will be time consuming and redundant, but worth it in the long run.  I have received so many gifts and consignments these last few months that it is hard to miss the time that I used to spend daily on the computer.  A promised gift for the near future is a modem for my home computer that will allow me Internet at home, and with that will come catching up on blogs I used to religiously follow and filling in the holes of my own blog for the days I was not able to post.  I realize this will be a sort of "revisionism" project so I am going to be very careful about what those back blogs will contain.  For my shadow following that will be disappointing as they will have to go back and read what they thought they already knew and already used against me.  For my loyal readership who know I have used my blog at times to misdirect my legal opponents; they too may find the inserted content to be entertaining as well as enlightening.  The advantage that I have to go back in time and insert blogs could be compared to having this new beading tool...making the end product more durable and useful.  Stay tuned dear reader and not so dear readers any day now this blog will intensify. 

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