Monday, July 23, 2012

Black And Red Quilt Square

I had to fight hard for this black square yesterday!  The pretty black paint was pealing up and off of it as I sawed it it was pretty precarious, and I ended up having to use the back of the piece where the paint hadn't pealed up.  I also cut out a beige square and bow tie from a lid that my friend Gail brought me last week (Thanks Gail).  Who would have thought beige would bring me such great joy!  But beige is perfect for a quilt replica, and I am seeing that hues will be as important or more than the dynamic colors that I usually respond to.  By this evening I will have completed 8 squares of 47, with 10 more to go on the bench that are not completed as I am waiting for the rest of the rainbow colors (somewhere in the universe) so that I can spread every color throughout the whole quilt without duplicating same colors on same squares.  So even though this combination is my favorite so far, I can not be sure that somewhere down the line a black background will be needed and I will have already used it.  Sometimes I just have to trust the process.  I am still looking for purple, yellow, orange, and indigo, oh...and maybe brown or rust.  Snap me a photo and send me an email with picture attached if you find something out there you think I can use.  The bow tie in this unit was a metal serving tray and the black square was cut from a black recipe box lid.  Both lid and tray were less than 90 cents making this quilt square cost around $2 for materials (not counting the rivets and saw blades.  This project is starting to really get fun! 

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