Sunday, August 14, 2011

Electric In Coshocton

My new prospective landlord emailed me yesterday and asked me if I was going to be able to afford $200 electric bills in the winter at the cabin.  The cabin is all electric.  And while I am happy to be able to drop Columbia Gas from my monthly bills, I am cautious about taking on a $200 a month power bill.  I went to great pains this spring to sign up for percentage of income programs and am now paying off my winter electric and gas bills.  The cabin has been vacant for years so I know I am not going to be able to use previous electric bills to determine what my monthly bill will be.  The power company out there is not AEP and they require a $150 deposit.  There may not be a PIPP program out there.  So my move is on hold till I can speak with someone "in power" who can give me some basic answers as I do not want to move into a situation that is unsustainable and lose the benefits that I have worked so hard to obtain.  I am thankful that the people I would be renting from are concerned enough to give voice to this issue before I move in.  I am confident that I can find ways to lower my electric bill.  Here is a link to some ways to lower your electricity bill.  I admit I have not tried them all. but I was able to lower Lori and I's electric bill from $90 a month to $19  while I lived there by using the ideas in a book called Crunch Cons: The New Conservative Counterculture by Rod Dreher.  I don't consider myself a conservative in a political context.  I do consider myself as a conservationist, don't want to be wasteful, and I don't want to cause myself economic hardship by not paying attention to my own energy consumption.  Next subject to address is whether or not my new landlords are going to welcome rain barrels!

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