Friday, August 19, 2011

SHE is Sold

My blogging may be sporadic for the next few days as I prepare for my upcoming move. I am selling some things to make my load a little lighter and to raise some cash for moving expenses. SHE is a sculpture that I did instead of a hysterectomy in the 90's. It is hard to believe that a whole community of people would turn on me because I chose to go against doctors advice and not get an operation that would have been very difficult to recover from. But indeed that was the case. I went and got a second opinion after I lost most of my friends, and it turned out I didn't need the operation after all. So those of you out there that have been following this blog and my progress and still consider yourself my friend thank you for your support. I have had a lot of pretend friends that have shown their true colors this spring and summer. While it makes me sad to lose a friend, it is not really a loss if they were not friends to begin with. SHE may be going up north to live with a friend from a long time ago. While I hate losing her, I know she served her purpose (art therapy) and is going to a good home.

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