Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Frontline Plus

I have to score some Frontline today.  Syd finally has fleas, and I can't wait the 4 days for an eBay auction to end and snail mail.  My new bank is not posting my monthly check on the 1st of the month, so I was not able to get it for him yesterday.  I have found that Frontline is the only flea medicine that is reliable.  There isn't any Frontline over on this side of town (so far), so I will need to travel in order to get it.  It is unfortunate that I can't buy a single dose as I am trying to save money toward my upcoming move.  It is a trade off like most things.  A single dose on eBay would cost $12.95.  3 doses over $30.  If I go to a PetPeople type place, it may be even more but I can get it today.  If I were staying, I would try to get a big bottle that I could use on Stubby and his cat colony.  They don't seem to have fleas though.  Syd is late in getting them this year.  I think that is due to the brewers yeast tablets he chews every day and that he doesn't go outside much.  I brush him everyday.  I am sure that helps. 


Gail said...

I checked 1-800-PetMeds.com for you and they are more expensive than I thought they would be. (Almost $40 for a 3-pack.) PetSmart or one of the other pet stores might have them cheaper. And, I wouldn't let Syd out in this hot weather. August is the start of flea season.

skymetalsmith said...

It is cooler outside Gail than it is in my house. I get an air conditioner on August 16th from the Breathing Association. I went ahead and purchased 1 dose of Frontline from an eBay seller. I have to hang onto all the money I can for the upcoming move. Thanks for checking.

Kim said...

Frontline Plus is no longer under patent protection and the EXACT same is available at I believe Petsmart (also WallyWorld). It's called PetArmor Plus and I've been using on my dogs and kitty this summer.