Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We Passed Both Our Levys

I am pleased to announce that both Mifflin Township levy's passed tonight (last night). I was not pleased at how far I had to drive to get to my polling place. It is hard for me to imagine poor people driving that far to vote. In all fairness the local police offered to give me a ride to my polling place. But I had the gas, so I didn't need to take them up on it. According to mapquest my polling place was 14 miles from here. I voted in Gahana even though I live here in Mifflin. You have to wonder what sort of mastermind is behind choosing a polling place 14 miles away. I suspect some sort of gerrymandering. They were also reluctant to accept my drivers license as my ID because the address was my old Clintonville address. I carefully explained to the woman that it costs $24 to change an address on a drivers license and that I can not afford that. She must have been a republican to not understand that poor people can not shell out $24 for an address change. Had she not honored my drivers license, I was prepared to drive the 14 miles home and back for the right to cast my ballot. I wonder how many other people had trouble exercising their right to vote this time. Certainly people in my neighborhood are grateful for the police presence. I wonder how many last minute yes votes they got because of the shooting last Saturday.

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