Monday, May 23, 2011

Higher Ground

I am blogging from the library today. Even though I am on a hill, my basement is flooding. I am gonna do my darnedest to try to find a safe place to store my machines and tools till my landlord can get this situation corrected. I bought them (tools, and equipment) with 2 inheritances. The system doesn't recognize my hobby, and the system has the disabled do what they call a "spend down" when there is inheritance. So basically I lost the longer I held onto my inheritance. I was penalized for saving it. I had to spend it as quickly as I could so as not to interrupt the services that I had to work so hard to get in the first place. As you might imagine, I would never have moved my most valuable possessions into jeopardy if I didn't have the landlords word that I would have a dry basement for my workshop.

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