Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Am Still Sad

I am sad about so many things in this life of mine. But mostly I am sad about betrayal. Last May I went with two of my
friends and lover to see the Avett Brothers only to almost get arrested searching for my partner after the concert. She was in the parking lot with this guy while I was searching for her worrying that she was hurt or incapacitated. One of my friends offered to take us home and come back after her later (she must have known about the guy in the parking lot). As if I would ever leave without her! Of course my other friend is also cheating on another woman with the woman's husband. I can't expect a cheater to be sympathetic about my feelings about being cheated on. I imagine all three of these women will go to the Avett concert tonight with each other (betrayers that they are) as if nothing happened last year. I won't be among them this year. I am still sad, and I feel even more betrayed than I did last year by all three of them. I can almost not bear to listen to The Avett Brothers. I used to look forward to seeing them, but now it just makes me want to hang my head and cry.

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