Sunday, May 29, 2011

Does Your Husband Take You Hunting?

I am fond of wearing camouflaged clothing for many reasons. It is usually more durable and lasts much longer than other clothing. Most often camo is made here in the USA. I can always find my size at an Army Surplus store without spending hours trying clothes on. I have always liked to visit the woods and just enjoy nature when I can. So camo and camo combos have become a part of my everyday wardrobe (along with red hats).
Recently I was in the local CVS picking up my prescription and the woman at the checkout was trying to be friendly making conversation asked me
"Does Your Husband Take You Hunting?". I had no idea why she would out of the blue ask me something so strange until I got to the truck and realized I had a pair of camo cargo pants on. My truck is pink, so it must really be a strange sight when I go someplace in camouflage. People are really strange in how they think, and their assumptions about what they see. Camouflage in the city has quite the opposite effect than it does in the woods I am understanding. If I had a husband, he would probably take me hunting:) I try to dress really different when I visit that CVS store these days.

PS you did notice that this pose is like Venus reclining....right?

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