Sunday, May 1, 2011


I was out digging up burdock and dandelions this morning (April 30th) when I heard gun shots. It is not that unusual in my Linden neighborhood to hear gun shots, but not before noon! What followed was even more unusual. I must have counted 15 to 20 cruisers before I decided that it must be really bad to have that many cops instantly coming from all directions, and not one ambulance. I had to wait till the 11 o' clock news to find out that 3 cops were shot, and the suspect had already murdered a family in Adams county before driving to Columbus to end his rampage in my neighborhood. This guy had been a featured wanted criminal in January and again in April. Perhaps the family that allowed him to stay with them should have weeded him out like I am with my burdock.

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Sue's News said...

And the guy dumped one of the stolen cars in Fayette County, so the BCI guys were here investigating!