Monday, August 9, 2010

Doom Food

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I snagged this image from The Kustler Cast...a weekley blog from James Howard Kunstler who wrote the Geography Of Nowhere and The Long Emergency. I had heard last week that the inventor of the cheese doodle had died. James mentions the cheese doodle and the end of happy motoring quite often. The only thing better to portray these abominations would be to have taken their picture in a genuine Fiesta mixing bowl...which this isn't. We do Fiesta Sightings in our household. I was incorrect in this instance...this is a look alike bowl. I was right about Francis Strickland's Sunflower Disc Pitcher though!


Sue's News said...

I think we should write to the docents at the Governor's Mansion to ask if they have any other Fiesta ware. I know that Mrs. Strickland insisted on OHIO authors in the library there; perhaps she wants Roseville and other Ohio pottery there also. Because WE know that Fiesta originated in Ohio--right?

skymetalsmith said...

Yep...Homer and Shakesphere Laughlin moved across the river when they needed to expand...Ohio lost a great pottery! I saw a lot of Ohio Pottery in the library at the Governors Mansion. I think they buy Ohio like we buy only USA!