Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buy American And Buy Ohio

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In the last few days both the White House and Ohio local Government have mentioned the subject of keeping jobs in the USA and keeping Jobs in Ohio. Come November this may become the hottest campaign issue on all legislative ballots in all the States. And it should be! This country doesn't manufacture anything to export, but continues to borrow money from countries that do. As author James Howard Kunstler has said "the only thing wrong with buying an $8 toaster is that you have to give up your job making toasters". A year ago this concept would have been dismissed as "protectionism". Now though with unemployment reaching new heights it is becoming painfully obvious that we don't have anything as collateral to continue borrowing money from other countries. We rarely hear the word protectionism these days. In the last week both President Obama and Ted Strickland have spoken about keeping the jobs here. There are thousands of websites on the internet dedicated to buying American made products. I commend them. There is not one website that has them all, and there are few and far between that cover our basic needs. These days I approach the whole buy America and buy Ohio made goods from a conservative angle. I buy what is and has already been here. I buy antiques. I replace my made in China crap with items that were made right here in the USA and have lasted and are outlasting the poisonous, non functioning junk that I was tricked into believing I needed in the first place. I buy from Ohio Thrift Stores which is a very subtle form of recycling. I am not going to buy something I think I need that is new while something already exists that folks are not paying attention to because it doesn't have bells and whistles and unsustainable packaging! I don't know how I was ever tricked into selling, throwing away, or giving up my old reliable antique widgets for the new shiny dysfunctional ones. I suspect I have been programed and guided by herd instinct. It makes me mad at myself. I have never been one to follow anyone else s off beat drum beat. The only consolation I have is that I wasn't tricked for long. When I get the idea that I need to buy something new, I stop myself and try to go the old road less traveled and look for something that was already made here and discarded for "The American Dream" which was a form of sleepwalking and hypnotism to keep me stupid. For those of you who have websites dedicated to buying America, I salute you. For those of you who are looking for Ohio made products, I commend your efforts. I think you are gonna find that when you cast your vote this November that more Democrats than Republicans are trying to keep the jobs here.


Sue's News said...

Please add Americas Virtual General Store to your list of links. The link is to the right on my blog.

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skymetalsmith said...

Aunt Sue I haven't had a bank account since Hurricane Katrina. No plastic. Virtual stores are not an option for me. They don't carry enough of what I need. It is too difficult for me to purchase on line without plastic. I have to use cash and I have to buy local.